Be with someone who you don’t have to hide from, in any way. Whether it’s your morning face before you’ve put any make up on, an embarrassing story about something that happened on your way home, or an ambition you’ve had since you were six years old… make sure you end up with someone who listens to and accepts all of it, and still loves you. A person you can tell your whole life to is a person worth spending a life with.
Your hands never fit into mine the way I wanted them to. You never wrote me crappy poetry and you never told me you loved me either. I kissed you in the backseat of my mothers car and in front of my father and you laughed at how I didn’t care whether they called me naive for loving you that way. You took me to the ocean and I cried because it made me sad. You looked at me with your head sideways and you sat down beside me until I could breathe again. You didn’t mind my half/drunk apologies or the times I called you after midnight to remind you that you were the greatest thing that had ever occurred to me. I know you loved me, you never had to say it because I felt it. I can still feel it.

when he calls me darlin’ my heart trips over his southern drawl.
he watches my lips kiss red lipstick at a stoplight
as I remind him to look at the road when he’s driving.
he rambles about how wine gives him a headache,
I leave a red kiss on his neck.

he thinks it’s funny that I keep oranges in the backseat of my car.
he leaves the taste of citrus on my lips when he says
fruit in the summer reminds him of being a kid.
let me be your rekindled innocence,
climb my jungle gym all night long,
leave your sugary kisses on my wrists.
“forbidden fruit,” I say as the windows of my car fog.
we make love in a backseat of oranges.

I put sugar on my toast for breakfast and eat wearing just his shirt.
he says I’m the reason the birds sing in the morning.
I tell him I’m the reason hurricanes destroy innocent cities.
he runs his hands up my thighs,
my body shivers over a sip of coffee gone cold.
he thinks he’s keeping me safe when he holds me close at night,
he’s naive to the destruction love leaves behind.

girls like me are the reason people have storm shelters.
boys like him are the reason people forget to use them.

he chases storms for a living, driving dangerously close to winds that are powerful enough to destroy him. he’s not scared as stands in the middle of the road saying, “show me your hurt. show me your rain. show me.”/d.a.h  (via whisperingbones)