I wonder if your friends high-fived you when you told them about us.
I wonder if you smiled when they patted you on the back, congratulating you for finally leaving.
I wonder if you think of me at all.
I wonder if you try to text me, only to greeted by an error message.
I wonder if you think of the conversations we had at 2am when neither of us could sleep.
I wonder if she’s prettier than me.
I wonder if she’s funnier, brighter, less dead inside.
I wonder if you told her about me.
I wonder if you refer to me as your “crazy ex-girlfriend.”
I wonder if you refer to me as the one that got away.
I wonder if you’re wondering.
God knows I am.
(I Don’t Want To Know) // heartofthebitter-mindofapoet (via heartofthebitter-mindofapoet)

I just, man this is beautiful. This is everything I’ve felt finally written down for me.

(via thewordsyouneverunderstood)
We were never anything right? You just called me on the nights when you couldn’t sleep. You told me you loved me after you had too many drinks and I believed you. God, how foolish of me to think that someone like you could ever actually love anything. You placed your hands all over me and I know that when you told your friends about it, they laughed. They called me naive, and on a scale from one to ten, I am. I am naive. I don’t know a damn thing. I don’t know why you never took me home to meet your mother, and I don’t know why you always silenced me, tried to keep me down. We were never anything really, but I wish we could have been.